Wow. Two holidays have come and gone and one semester has closed while another has begun. Apparently it has been entirely too long since I have last posted. My sincerest apologies to the very few readers of mine that I have. I will do my best to maintain a more consistent posting schedule from now on. I have found these few minutes to blog however, in between waiting for laundry machines to open up and finishing my homework for the weekend. Sitting at my desk listening to James Taylor, I can look out and see the sun setting on the roof of the apartment across from mine and feel a not-too-cool breeze coming in through my open window. It hit me that it is the middle of February and I am able to enjoy a warm Sunday afternoon that not too many others close to me can. Getting a text from my brother this morning that says, "Freezing rain... I slid from the back porch to the graj door. Driving=Death", made me appreciate the beauty of today. I hope you can too.

Until next time.

P.S. Sunday naps are nice too :)