I understand that by the nature of the title you would assume that something happened recently in my life that is well, blogworthy. That is not my intention so before you read further consider yourself warned: lately, nothing has really happened that is blogworthy. That is in fact why my blog has seemed neglected for more than a month now. Trust me it only SEEMS like my blog has been neglected. I would say that twice a week on average, I sit down at my computer with the full intention of blogging. I open a new post, think about my previous weeks, and look at a blank title bar. Then about 45 seconds later I navigate away. So don't worry she has not been forgotten. I also have yet to figure out why my computer will not let me load pictures not only to my blog but to ANYTHING on this machine. Frustrating to say the least, and with work and lack of a car, have not had sufficient time to try to fix it or take it in to have the experts look at it.

For those of you who are still with me, don't despair. I will soon have many things to blog about as I leave for Thailand in less than two weeks. Yikes. Hopefully I will be able to write and update this to let you guys know how our time is going.

Now for the VERY few who remain interested in my ramblings, I'm looking for books to take with me for reading (or not to take with me but just read for fun while I'm here). I'm not picky by any means in subject matter, author, fiction or non, or anything of the sort. I would GREATLY appreciate any suggestions you have for me :).