This morning I woke up early and headed down to Temecula to take some pictures of Redhawk Golf Club for my brother and their up and coming new website. It was great getting up early, enjoying the morning and getting to go around with my brother while he was at work. You can check some of the pictures out here. I'll try to get some up in the next few days. I stayed there through the morning and into the early afternoon then came back up to watch the Homecoming game at school and watch Mical as she was nominated for Homecoming Queen. Woo HOO! It was a great day and I am totally wiped. Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!


Hello faithful reader(s). Just a little update, I have created* a new photography website here. I will be using that site exclusively for pictures and this one for my updates while I'm overseas as well as periodic updates on my life.


*I feel the word created is a little misleading here, I actually created very little on the website :)