It's Official.

It's summer. I'm done with my last project and it is turned it. The only thing left to do is show up for a class and participate in some PE lessons :). Its a good feeling being on summer break but I've realized that this is a week of lasts. The last time Carson and I will be living on the same campus. The last time I'm going to be moving out temporarily and preparing to move back here. The last time I'm going to get to hang out with a lot of the really close friends I've made over the past three years. That's ok though because new changes bring new growth.





We got beat in the finals. Gotta give credit to Lindenwood though they played outstanding

One last volleyball note for the season: as most of you know Mical played volleyball for CBU as well and as coincidence would have it we both wore/wear number 1. There are some other similarities as well but I'll let you see those for youselves...

This is a picture of myself at Nationals and Mical during her season

Now to concentrate on finals



Here it is. My first post in 2009. Kinda sad its not until April huh?

I'm currently in Kansas City Missouri (I know, shouldn't it be in Kansas?) for the National Men's Volleyball Championships. We're ranked first so I'm pretty excited. Hopefully I'll have a post at the end of the week titled: CHAMPIONS!!!

Here are some pics of the team so far this year...