I must say that first off, I apologize for the long delay between my last entry and this one but it is not entirely my fault. Let me explain. Each semester about 2 weeks before finals start I like to head into the library a couple of nights a week and spend some time preparing for the end of the semester. You know, write papers, study a little bit, make sure I have all my work turned in, all that good stuff. So this semester just like all the others I started my weekly ritual and headed into the library. I was doing well, I had about 7 pages on a few different papers completed, had finished some other assignments, and was beginning my studying. Well that Friday, I came downstairs in the evening planning on listening to some music and getting ready for my soccer game. Unfortunately my computer was frozen so I restarted it and got the infamous blue screen of death. I know all (two) of you are thinking "oh no!" but oh yes. It's true. Well needless to say I had to take my computer to the apple store and I had a faulty hard drive. They took care of everything for me, cleaned my computer, gave me a new hard drive, and returned it to me in a very timely manner. However, EVERYTHING was lost. All my papers, all my homework, and even all my work that I had been compiling for a portfolio due at the end of the semester. Now you might be saying "well, why didn't you back up your work, dummy." Yes, I realize that and I could make the excuse that I lost my flash drive and didn't have anything else to back my work up on but I know I should and could have found SOMETHING. So all that to say that I've been playing catch up for a while with all of my assignments and have been neglecting my blogging.

I was gonna blog about this upcoming summer and some other stuff too but this is a pretty long post already so I'll save that for my next one.