Mical left this morning. We had SO much fun the last 6 days. We got to eat a LOT of food (my favorite) and spent some good time in the city as well as just relaxing and hanging out around my house. It's so fun to be able to show somebody around my hometown and introduce them to the places and things that make home HOME to me. I already cannot wait until she gets to visit again and hope she had as much of a blast as I did!

Things we did:
Billy Graham Museum
Shedd Aquarium
Blue Man Group
Millenium Park
Magnificent Mile

Here are a few photos from our time here


It snowed last night. We had a blast building snowmen and making snow angels.


4 Days. Wednesday afternoon Mical and I will be heading to Chicago. I'm SUPER excited


Two weeks from today I get to take Mical to my kinda town, Chicago. I cannot wait for the opportunity to show her my house and where I grew up. It's so exciting after getting shown around and hosted over and over and over out here at school, to be able to be on the hosting end of someone, especially someone I care so much about. I'm looking forward to showing her where I went to high school, my house, my car, meet some of my friends, take her to my church, and most importantly eat at my favorite restaurants :). This is the second time I've had this opportunity and if you want to see how excited I was to take my roommates home, you can look here or even here. I'll keep you posted!!!