Old picture from Thailand that I found. This little girl is in traditional hill-tribe clothes on the stairs leading to a temple.


Took this while playing golf this past weekend with my brother. We hadn't played in a long time and it was an absolute blast. I lost.


Ever since I worked at the kitchen this summer I've had a passion for food. Much to the chagrin of Mical and lots of others around me, I can't get enough of the food network, cooking, and pretty much anything to do with the eatables. Last Sunday I tried branching out and cooking something different, a Spanish dish called Paella. It's basically just rice mixed with seafood, chicken, or beef and spanish vegetables with a few spices. Sounds simple enough right? That's what I thought until I absolutely BUTCHERED the rice. Twice. I tried cooking it in a sauce pan just like the directions said. The first time, I burned the bejeezes out of it, the second time it looked like it was gonna be alright until I served it and half of it was mush while the other half was still raw! The chicken and vegetables turned out great but unfortunately the dish was ruined. Whatever you do don't tell my former boss! I think that for now I'll just point my finger at the antique stovetops for my shortcoming. Those things should be in the Smithsonian, not a working kitchen. Granted, I'm not a great cook but that was the first time that I had COMPLETELY failed at a dish. Still feeling the masculine need to provide food for my woman, we ended up going to In n Out. Not a bad night after all :).

On another note, after I graduate I'm going to miss the caf. You get to eat so many different things in one meal from so many different types of cuisine! Today I had an Asian Chicken Salad Wrap, Taquitos, a Greek Salad, an Oreo and Chocolate Mousse Dessert, and a glass of iced tea. All on one tray! How can you beat that!?