So Long Sweet Summer

The summer is officially over. Am I sad? No, not really. I mean YES in some respects I'll miss how chill summers from school always are but I'm ready to get back to classes and see everyone again and get into a routine. You know, the usual. This summer was great with having the opportunity to live out in California all summer and getting to go to Thailand and FINALLY getting everything squared away with my knee. My parents also got to come out and stay for a long time seeing my brother and me and took SUCH good care of me while I was recovering. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I never would have made it through that week if my parents weren't here. 4 days after my surgery I had to move out of my apartment and into a new one which happens to be upstairs. Not an easy task when you're not allowed to lift anything let alone walk and all of your roommates are in different parts of the country. My Mom and Dad packed all of my stuff up for me and my Dad cleaned my ENTIRE apartment getting it ready for me to check out. If I tried to help all they would say was go sit back down on the couch haha (and did I say it was over 100 degrees that whole week). Needless to say I felt EXTREMELY useless but I am SO blessed to have the parents that I do and cannot express how thankful I am for them and all that they do for me! Also Charlie Weaver and John Walker came over to help out. My Dad was VERY thankful for the help haha as am I. I can't help but think thats a pretty darn good picture of community and the church as Christ would want it and it makes me smile.

But tomorrow is the day. All of the FOCUS leaders move back in tomorrow and we really start things rolling preparing for orientation and all of the 1000 new students moving in on the 26. Yikes. I love the opportunities that a new year brings with a new group of leaders and new students and can't wait to see what God has in store for us this year. It's all very exciting. Think of all the possibilities!

Oh in other news, Zach moves back in on Tuesday. Art and I can't wait.