I got to play some tennis tonight with some very fun people. I really enjoyed it and even got some great coaching on my backhand which was previously non-existent. I'm excited to play again soon, now. I have a lot of respect for tennis players, it takes a LOT of athleticism and great fitness. It truly is a great sport and a very fun recreational activity. Thanks to all who allowed me to enjoy some great company and activity tonight.



I miss golfing. It is one of the things that I miss most about my summers at home growing up that I wish I had more time to do. All throughout high school I worked at a country club during my summers and got the privilege of just about all the free golf I wanted (as long as I wasnt working), and very nice courses, so I'm kind of spoiled in that respect. Anyways, I was always allowed to bring a guest and the obvious choice for me was to bring my brother. My brother and I are very close and he is for sure my best friend and we love playing sports and talking and hanging out and golf is a perfect venue for us to do all three of those things at once, how convenient. So today I got to do one of my favorite things. Play golf with my brother! We went over to Paradise Knolls off of Van Buren for a little morning golf. It was so great to have a week off of school and just take it easy and shoot the breeze with Drew. We had a great time competing in "closest to the pin", "straightest drive", and "longest drive" competitions and just being goofballs shootin with my camera and enjoying the free morning like the good old days. So bro, heres to you. Thanks so much for the fun morning and takin some awesome pictures.

More pictures will be on my face.



As I promised, some pictures from my weekend home. Sorry it took me so long. Enjoy.

Typical flat, grey day in the midwest...

This guy was more interested in my camera than the volleyball game

My mom kinda likes antiques

The part of the house they let me use..

Park outside where I used to work, I guess my fingers got too cold to focus :)

This bird would not shut up, though he did pipe down while I photographed him...


Weekend Home

So for the last weekend in February I got to surprise my parents and go home for the weekend, it was so much fun! When I heard the volleyball team was going to Chicago this year to play the schools there, I was bummed out I had chosen the wrong year to stop playing but thought it would be a cool opportunity to head home for a weekend second semester. As soon as I got back on campus after Christmas I looked for flights and found some really cheap ones for that weekend (Thank You Jesus). As the time came closer to me going back, it dawned on me that they might have plans that weekend and wouldn't be home. Sure enough they had planned on going to Florida that weekend but fortunately decided against it and stayed home to support the volleyball team. That didn't end the complications or near misses though. I also had trouble finding a ride home. The ride I planned on fell through as I was driving to the airport. No big deal I thought, I could just call my dad and have him pick me up but still at least surprise my Mom, however, that didn't work either. I even pulled the annoying-son-in-college routine and called him at five minute increments for almost an hour and a half to no avail (sorry Dad). As I was in line to board the plane I admitted defeat and called my Mom to see if she could pick me up. It kind of ruined the shock of the surprise but she was still surprised and happy I was coming home and was actually happier because she wanted to be the one to pick me up anyway. It was definitely nice to be home for the weekend and get a break from the day-to-day routine of being at school. It also really helped me appreciate the warm weather here. It was 20 at the MOST the whole time I was home and my dad was saying that I must have brought a heat wave back with me on the plane. Yeah right. You need to understand a midwest cold too, its not just chilly. Its bite through every piece of clothing down to your bones, grey, drab, no direct sunlight, piercing wind cold. I was happy to brave the cold though, for a (FREE) weekend of Chicago style food in my belly. I also got to watch my boys play some volleyball and support them and spend a lot of QT with my parents, which was amazing. We had some good and very late dinners after the games and got to go out to watch a movie, just the three of us, and I even got to take just my mom out to lunch and spend some time with her. It was a great trip home and I'm happy that I got to spend such a good weekend with my parents but am definitely glad to be back.

And my pictures arent uploading to this blog and i dont know why and its very frustrating!!

So pictures will come soon.