What's in a name?

So it's true. All the years of jokes and clever quips from my name are no longer quips or even clever. I'm officially a cook. Not just a Cook but a cook. A Banquet Chef to be precise. So to anyone who has ever asked, "Hey are you an ACTUAL cook or are you just posing with your name?" Or, "Hey are you going into the food industry? You could be Cook Cook," and, "So do you know really know how to cook?" The answer is yes. To all. Yes. I'm a rookie though so don't get too excited :)



I'm living in Temecula this summer with my brother Drew, his wife Holly, and her Parents Rick and Brenda. I'm super excited to be able to spend the summer with them AND stay out in California. It's definitely different though, as I write a horse is whinnying. They live out in the hills of Wine country which is a far cry from Riverslime. I can look out the back door and see over the whole town of Temecula and the rest of the valley which is quite a treat. Also, they have two dogs and two cats who just had 5 kittens which brings the total to 9 animals which are all outdoor animals. Since everyone has left for Arizona for the weekend I got to take care of them and let me tell you, I have never met any brood of animals with more personality than these. But I'll let you see that for yourself...

some of the kittens and Bailey their Mom

Molly and Daisy

More Molly and Diasy

A Curious Kitten

All the Kitties

This picture describes Molly better than I ever could.