This weekend Ethan and I got to go camping. We got some much needed relaxation and seclusion with just our bibles and sleeping bags (plus a few other essentials). Here are some pics.

Ask me about this...

Camp #1

Sunset first night.

Our guide

This was very high

Camp #2


Happy (cold) Campers

The Essentials

Last sunset

Drivin Home



We have no idea what it will cost us when we stop short in our submission to Christ. Similarly we have no idea what will come of submitting ourselves completely to Christ.



Sorry for the lack of posting recently but there has not been TOO much to blog about. One thing that IS blogworthy however is this weekend. It was TWIRP (The Woman is Required to Pay) week at our school and Friday was our annual Barndance followed by a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain on Saturday. Both days were absolutely amazing and I had a much needed relaxing fun time.

My date Kylie (Zach's girlfriend, he was out of town) and I went to the Barndance as an 80's jazzercise couple. We got one vote for best costume.

My date to Magic Mountain was Greta. Last year Greta, Brad Claypool, Courtney Weatherly and I all went so this year was a repeat and it was every bit as good.

Face Game

Shaky Face Game

Thanks to Kylie and Hillary (and facebook) for the photos.

oh and the cubs clinched the playoffs. yes.


Fearing God.

Right now I'm in the middle of a book called the Joy of Fearing God by Jerry Bridges. I highly recommend this book. If you do or have read it before, let me know I would LOVE to talk about it.

Actually, if you even just want to talk about the fear of God let's do that too.



School Started

Classes as you all know officially started on Thursday. I was really looking forward to the start of classes for a few different reasons:

-I started taking Spanish classes again and I'm very excited.

-I'm playing volleyball again this year and again, am very excited.

-I'm excited for new ministry opportunities that have been presented to me as a result of new incoming students.

-Reunited with old friends.

-Making new friends.

I hope you share my excitement.


The Past Few Weeks...

have been SO crazy. After all of the FOCUS leaders moved in and training started with them things got nuts. It was a lot of fun getting everything prepared for the new students to move in and the coordinators and I were so thankful for the opportunity to get to know our leaders better and spend LOTS of time with them :). Our group this year has been SO great to work with and have made our jobs TONS easier. It really seems that God has some great plans for this group of leaders and this semester so please be praying for protection and continued growth as well as hearts that are always open to see opportunities to serve! I'm really excited.

After our training week, the new students arrived and things got even CRAZIER! Between move in day, the new student retreat, and all of the activities we have to keep 1000 new students entertained for 7 days, we have hardly had any time to breathe but its well worth it. Here are some pictures from the past few weeks involving FOCUS.