Wow. Time back in The States certainly moves quickly. Since I've been back I have

gone to Chicago and Michigan,

started work,

and spent 3 days in Big Bear.

The time in Chicago was amazing. Although I went for my grandfather's funeral the time with my family was some of the most relaxing, energizing, and encouraging time I've spent in a long time. Never underestimate the value of family.

The new job has been great so far. The OSL at CBU is so great at making people feel welcome and I have been no exception. My office is far from immune to the community that is the CBU campus. I love my job, I love my boss, and I love my co-workers. I'm really excited to see how the Lord moves through my time in the office (not The Office, although I'm excited for that too) this year.

Segway Tour of Chicago. Highly recommended. Maybe more pictures soon.

More to come when there's more to tell!



Anonymous said...

Hey are you two twins???

Dale Lempa said...

I have been following your blog for a while and I am always delighted to see your posts. Anything new?

AdamCook said...

Dale! So funny, i was JUST thinking about this blog and how I want to start using it again. I had focused pretty much on my photo blog for so long I all but forgot about it! Thanks for the reminder! I will be posting here again. Thanks for reading! I miss you man!