Day 46

Two things I learned today:

1. No matter how happy or catchy the tune is in your head, it is inappropriate to allow it to escape your head via whistle. Even by accident. Anywhere.
2. You know how a lot of times Original Gatorade is just too concentrated and leaves that sticky gunk in your mouth? And the next attempt Propel, just didn't quite cut it. And of course the latest Gatorade isn't horrible but it just kinda leaves you wanting? Well, the manufacturers of Japanese Gatorade have found the perfect formula. It strikes the perfect balance of quenching satisfaction without being too syrupy. It's great! Alas until I make it to the pros and can afford to have my Gatorade imported I'll just mix in a little water.

On another note. I'm am hosting a prayer night for the nations. I would appreciate your prayers as I am hoping that people will come and that God will use it to raise awareness about the state of the church in restricted nations.

Lastly, I got to talk to some of the fellas today. It was awesome.



carsonbelmont said...

You don't like the low calorie gatorade? I think its the first time in my life I have ever liked the healthier option better than the original!

Anonymous said...

Hey jay Leno "Who's in Paris?"

The Arthur????

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Can't ever visit Japan then, dad would probably end up in jail......... hahaha but true