Day 60


The time certainly can get away from me out here! Let me catch you back up.

Last Friday we returned from our missions trip to Kobe, Japan. We spent 5 days in Kobe and had an amazing time. We worked with an IMB missionary and a local pastor to do ministry in the city, English lessons, Prayer Walking, and doing a VBS with some local Filipino and Japanese children. It was really a neat time being able to help with the vision that the local workers had and take part in the work that they already have been doing. If you want to hear the testimony that I gave to the church here about our trip as well as others you can find it here.

We got to ride this to Kobe!

Since we've been back things have really started to pick up. I've begun a Prayer for the Nations night on Saturdays. My prayer is that we will be burdened with the desire to lift up other nations, especially those where the persecuted church is found and the 10/40 window. I am hoping that this will catch on before I leave and carry on well after I'm gone. Please join me in asking God to raise up people in this congregation to pray for the lost.

Also, starting Tuesday we will be doing a week long VBS. I am in charge of the games so I have been busy preparing for those as well. We would really appreciate your prayers as we try to communicate God's love and the Gospel clearly and effectively to children who are mostly only Japanese speakers.

One last thing. Yes, all week in Kobe I had been searching for it and on the last day my dreams were finally realized. My elusive lunch. The Mecca of Meat. The Holy Grail of Japanese Gastronomy! Kobe Beef!

It was everything I dreamed it would be and more.

Just about 10 days left here and it sure is going to go by quickly!


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Change your flight and come home first not to Cali pleeeeeeeeeez

Love the new update from Cal